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Have you visited a car technician to have your dodge repaired only for your car to develop the same malfunction even before you have driven for a mile? Well, it is high time you stopped the guess work and established the root cause of the inconvenience plus you can diagnose that ride yourself with Dodge OBD reader. No more tryouts and boo-boo fixing that most of the time fail to work, no more unnecessary repair and maintenance cost necessitated by the constant visits to the garage and oh yes, no more embarrassments when your ride breaks down and has to be towed away. With Dodge OBD reader you will never be overmatched or overwhelmed, you will always be prepared, you will take pleasure in that ride and thrive from the assurance that it will not let you down. You will be driving in the comfort of knowing that the gear box, engine, airbag or other control modules will not bring you any trouble as you will have diagnosed your ride and taken necessary action in advance. Equipped with real time and state of the art self diagnosing tool the Dodge OBD reader is the right tool to have installed on your iconic Dodge whether new or old. And it will no doubt match your taste and personality giving you the necessary technical support straight on your PC or laptop. The on board diagnostic tool has connectors and plug in ports that connect directly to your computer. The tool identifies and diagnoses your car’s engine problems as well as other subsystems relaying up to the minute concrete information about the nature of your ride on the Dodge screen or dashboard. The OBD connector is located a few feet away from your steering wheel under the dashboard and it is fitted with convenient coding and decoding software that allow you to customize the programming functions to control and monitor the control modules as you like them. The Dodge OBD reader identifies the faults and stores the malfunction trouble codes on your hard disk listing precise definition and interpretation of the fault codes. It also supports logging of the codes and printing or copying of the reports for your convenience. You also get to reset the functions as you require especially after you or your car mechanic restore or replace the faulty components of your Dodge.