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The newly dodge journey crossover sport utility vehicle, is a vehicle that has been designed not only for you but your family and friends. All the desirable comfort comes in accordance with this SUV. All the entertainment features that you need including the mp3 player, the Bluetooth, the iPod, the satellite radio have all been installed for your unique comfort and entertaining environ while in the vehicle. To ensure your safety while enjoying your ride, airbags and curtains have been fit on both either sides together with a stability and traction control system. The four-cylinder 2.4litre engine that generates an automatic transmission enhances the right desirable movement. For sometime you have heard about the OBD code reader and wondered what it actually is plus even how it woks. This is a diagnostic device installed in your dodge journey to at all times monitor its operational system. The electronic control unit of your vehicle enhances all this in manner that the OBD code reader is in a position of reaching all the parts in an electronic mode and report any fault. Reporting is done via the help of the data trouble code feature that lets the code be sent to the dashboard or on the LCD screen for display.