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The dodge stratus 4 dr is one of the swaggering and sleek car models which is in high demand in the current market due to its excellent design. It is termed as a 4 dr because it is installed with four doors. It has a large engine, which improves your cruising ability; this also makes be very economical in the consumption of fuel. It is powered with a 200 horse power and has 17 inch wheels that are made of vertex alloy. Your security is also put into consideration, a reason why it is installed with air bags at each of its four corners. For an improved out put and easy diagnosis of any failure to your engine, you need to have a dodge stratus 4 dr obd reader. This is one of the devices that can check and transmit any faults that your engine might be experiencing. This is made possible through its soft wares that are greatly computerized for an improved and effective relay. You can get all the readings even if the engine of your car is offline; this is one of the reasons that has made this device very popular to many car owners. It is very durable and can guarantee you long life in its service.