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It is now much easier for you to approach the technical problems of your car with the advancement of modern technology. The same has been made much easier with the invention of an OBD code reader which when plugged into a computer diagnostic port; you can easily outline the technical problem of your engine. Amazingly the reader has the ability to allow you to view the DTC’s for easier troubleshooting. The scion OBD Readers are available in various shapes and sizes to perfectly match your tastes. There are some which need a laptop for cute display of information and easy procedural troubleshooting steps to be undertaken. However, others have a complete unit and their services are not all that bad. An ideal OBD reader has an LCD screen and this is basically one of the features that are essential to complete this package. They are designed to strike a super balance of performance and value. They have the best resolution to display the beautiful high-definition picture and their response is interesting. Another crucial feature is the diagnostic trouble codes that you can use to easily identify vehicle problems. The codes vary depending with the manufacturer of the vehicle hence the importance of doing a thorough research before any repair is done on your vehicle. The generic DTC’s codes need to conform to those of your vehicle for maximum effects of the Scion OBD Readers. The CAN OBD 2 reader is the perfect choice for the scion cars. It does not need you to be a pro so that you can tackle the problems of your car engine. This is a type of scion OBD reader that will work for your car so long as it was manufactured in the year 1996 and beyond. It is the quickest way to find out why the check engine light is always on and the other troubles your vehicle is facing. It gives you the opportunity to know the problem before seeing the mechanic. The reader shows you close to nineteen important pieces of diagnostic information on the LCD screen. Far from that, it is able to automatically read and link to all protocols including the controller network(CAN).In this way, you are not only able to turn off the check engine light but also reset monitors and clear codes. It is time to switch to this modern technology.