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The blue, white and blue tri shield that was coined by the founder, David Dunbar Buick has since its first premier been known to be the coat of arms for the Buick beating other characteristic features like the sweep spear, the delta fins, the waterfall grille and dollar grin among others. But perhaps what is equally inseparable and has undeniably come to be associated so much with this entry level luxury car is the Buick OBD Reader. With this, the Buick has since matured from its North America base to the international stage. Of course, without taking anything away from its bolstered, glean refinement and superbly matured monochrome form, you will agree with the fact that the OBD Reader is what is making the Buick to hit the international headlines with sensational ability that is equipping you, your mechanic and even the beginner car technician with technical aptitude to diagnose the problems with your ride. Well, if you own one of these 1899 automobile brands which also boast as one of the oldest and most resilient automobiles ever manufactured in the world then you obviously bear witness that there is very little to take away from the Buick’s magnificent design. So you know what it can or can’t do only so well but perhaps you are wondering what this OBD Reader is? On Board diagnostic or better still your Buick OBD Reader is your vehicles self diagnostic tool equipped with technical capabilities to provide you with reports or diagnostic information about the current health or status of your Buick subsystems. It is simply the improvement on earlier malfunction indicators that could only detect problems within your Buick but give no technical details of the nature of the problem. The Buick OBD Reader will not just detect such problems on your Buick but also give you access to the detailed technicality on the status or nature of your car. The reader is fitted with a series of standardized diagnostic trouble codes which enable you or your repair technician to trouble shoot the malfunctioning parts of your Buick. The fast digital communication ability provides you with real-time heath information about the status of your Buick so that you can easily fix it yourself. Alternatively, if you opt to take the ailing Buick to your mechanic you will be saving yourself a lot of time that could have been wasted diagnosing what might be wrong with it since the Buick OBD Reader already has your back.