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The Chrysler OBD reader has given all car owners not only an easy and portable way to check the conditions of their engine, but also an economic way of checking the diagnostic troubles codes of their engine. This is because these are gadgets that come at an affordable price that you can easily manage. In fact in some countries such as the United States, it is mandatory that all cars which were purchased in the year 1996 and beyond make use of this gadget regardless of whether they are domestic or imported. Most of the Chrysler OBD readers are able to support all the current OBD protocols including the recently released controller areas network. In some you will be privileged to find a CD included in them containing up to 7000 DTC definitions which will enable you to trouble shoot a wide variety of codes ranging from the generic code, pending trouble code and even the manufacturer specific codes. To your advantage, the reader does not need any batteries or an AC adapter because it is able to draw power from your car electrical system. OBD II auto scanners with code connect is the perfect example of the Chrysler OBD reader because this gadget is compatible with all the Chrysler makes of cars. It is capable of not only recording the live engine data of your car but also it is able to play them back. In addition this gadget is able to provide real time data together with custom data list. This makes it definitely the ideal way for you to diagnose the problems your car is facing. Far from that it is able to read and erase the ABS code for all the modern Chrysler cars of the year 1996 and beyond. This scan tool will also give you enhanced code definitions and all the other fields are updated through the USB port. This gadget will display all the nine modes of global OBD II data. There is no better excuse for you to deny your car all this amazing features portrayed by this gadget. The actron CP9580 auto scanner with code connect is another Chrysler OBD reader that you can opt for. It has the capability of the trouble code and also helps to prioritize troubleshooting. It is the best way to find the solution to your car troubles. Given that it comes with the code connect, it gives actual fixes to the specific cause of the check engine light illuminations right from the code connect data base. Through this system, your Chrysler OBD reader will show you the exact codes that have the code connect details.