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Chrysler cirrus is a product of the Chrysler Corporation that was introduced for 1995 model year. Its production was based on the 1992 motor shows that had the same name that came up in the 1992 north American international auto show. The idea to create this car was to have a luxurious car that could accommodate a whole family. The mid-sized 4-door sedan was made to replace the Chrysler Lebaron sedan and got sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil between 1995 to 2000 model years. In Mexico, the car got sold until 2010. The car had long slanting windshield and short overhangs and its wheels pushed far to the corners that gave enough passenger space. The Chrysler Cirrus uses the OBD-I or the EEC-IV system of information to record every mechanical problem that your car may have. The system involves a jumper wire and a dashboard malfunction indicator that signals the driver by producing some light whenever the car has a problem. The light goes on and off and therefore, the driver should be keen to notice it. In addition, there are code readers you can use for these EEC-IV vehicles that may be attached to the battery. They involve the six-sided hood, which is called the self test outlet, and the smaller six-sided slot also known as self test input.