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This new design unit has an unlimited storage used for data logging and comes with a wide selection of diagnostic software that you can easily update through a web cable. The Maserati OBD Reader is the best thing that has ever happened in your life. You can greatly save a lot because it’s cost effective and the shipping expenses are low. However, these codes are different and vary from one manufacturer to the other. Therefore for maximum effects, you should ensure that the generic DTC’s codes conform to those of your vehicle. With the newest model, you can reset and clear codes without necessarily having to touch the battery. The Maserati OBD Reader is also very compatible with any vintage model you have. Maserati OBD Reader is a new innovative design to spark some light and give some mesmerizing moments in your ride. It’s a cool and wonderful product specifically designed to give your ride a new meaning. Flexible, reliable and cost effective is what you can describe this unit. You can easily troubleshoot the technical problem of your engine by viewing the DTC’s and taking a timely response to correct the menace. An LCD screen Readout for cute display of data and images forms a major component of this unit. The perfectly calculated and tested settings give clear images that cannot be surpassed. The remote data acquisition is just another feature to compel you to embrace the new technology and make the Maserati OBD Reader your favorite unit. The best device has been made just to add meaning to your ride. You can actually read and erase the trouble codes or plot the data in form of graphs for better interpretation. Moreover if you are busy and have no time to critically analyze the results, then you can easily store them and play later when relaxed. Nothing rewards like this unit. There are a lot of cool things that you can do with this device. In fact the list is endless. Hardcopies are always easier to analyze than softcopies. You can print the diagnostic reports and take them to an expert for further analysis. The advanced use of technology in audio and visual indicators for reading codes makes them perfect. They have an outstanding performance because a built-in battery alleviates the need of using cables. The Maserati OBD Reader comes with a one year warranty and the well fitting case prevents it from scratching. Make your choice today and you will be amazed by their long lasting service.