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The advancement of technology has enhanced a diligent approach of the technical problems of vehicles. The invention of the OBD Reader has facilitated problems troubleshooting and it’s a great way to save. Simplicity is the word to describe this unit. It’s easy to reset or clear the codes after you have diagnosed the problem. The old readers only allowed you to disconnect the battery and turn on the headlight for some few minutes before reconnecting. Lucky enough, you can now get a unit with options of clearing and resetting the codes without necessarily touching the battery. The Mercedes OBD Reader is just another product from the heart of the manufacturer meant to spark some light as well as shed some mesmerizing moments to your ride. This is really a cool device to compliment your elegance and stylish car. The engines’ diagnosis is exemplary simple and fast identification of the problem can help to reduce the number of mishaps on the road. It’s really a product that adds value as well as performance to your model. The reader is powered by the cars electrical system hence alleviating the need for batteries. Your vehicle identification number can easily be retrieved assuring you more safety. However, the market is fully flooded with various designs and types of code readers and it’s a big challenge for you to select the best that suits your taste. Their quality cannot be surpassed and the only way to stand out among the flooded sea of automobiles is with the Mercedes OBD Reader. The LCD Screen has a well calculated resolution for the best display of clear images and codes. Original and unique features complete this package. The menu is multilingual giving you some mesmerizing effects because you have an option to select whichever language you are comfortable with. Simplicity in plugging via its 16-pin OBD connector when you notice some signs of trouble can help you alleviates accidents as well as reduces the degree of damage to your engine. The check engine lights alerts you on the problems your vehicle is experiencing. You can therefore avoid extra repair costs just by responding appropriately to these warnings. In fact you know the problem earlier before you even call a mechanic. The Timing of the engine and transmission temperatures is best monitored by the Mercedes OBD Reader. This is the best way to give your ride a second feel of look.