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The Mercedes Benz R-class is also very well designed to cater for your safety. If you opt to purchase this car you will have many reliable air bags to protect you incase of an eventuality of grisly road carnage. There is the driver knee air bag, first and second row side airbags and full length side curtain airbags. Rightly so, your safety will never be compromised. Availability of the parking sensors is also there so that you do not get unnecessary collisions while parking especially in the reverse way. The emergence of this car can only mean one thing; you no longer have to withstand sub standard cars that are not comfortable. Buying this car is not everything as the need of a good system to diagnose the engine problems that do occur from time to time. On board diagnostic or better still your Mercedes Benz R class OBD Reader is you vehicles self diagnostic tool equipped with technical capabilities to provide you with reports or diagnostic information about the current health or status of your car subsystems. It is the best way you can say good bye to the permanent ‘check engine’ indication on your car. The emergence of this tool only meant one thing; you no longer have guessed the issues your engine is facing. You will face the mechanic when very sure.