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Your car is one of the possessions that individuals value most. There are however certain technical problems that your car may have constantly without your knowledge, you can always take to the mechanic for repair but the unknown problem keeps recurring. You do not have to worry any more, there is a new product called Opel OBD which can detect any of your car’s mishaps and notify you instantly. The Opel OBD works hand in hand with op com soft ware. This soft ware gives an opportunity to read out your faults and clear them instantly. It gives you a live data and gives you a chance to perform several output tests. It also supports key programming and controls your car remote. Many people like it because it can control several other car units such as automatic transmission, electronic climate control, engine control and instrument cluster control. The Opel OBD uses very many pins in its connection with the OBD; this makes a diagnostic interface to perform the same function as the multiplexer. It also selects the different pins that are used for communication. It is one of the favorable readers because it records all the faulty codes with their full and viable information. It also gives a full description of the faulty code text. The full status information of the Opel either in present, intermittent or past is given out by it. It is one of the car accessories that can help you copy or save the faulty codes in other different applications. This is enhanced by its simple application meaning, you can easily move from the faulty window codes to a measuring blocks window. The software also gives out the measuring block information about the several available control modules. This gives you a chance to select any given one from the list. It is also in a position of giving out eight parameter block measures simultaneously. Opel OBD reader’s rate depends on the available communication protocol. For instance old systems such as omega –BX25dt can be quite slow in delivering information unlike the new multec which is quite fast. Once you activate it, you will be in a position of knowing the components that have failed more easily. Get one for your car today and get rid of poor communication models and response to faulty detections. The installation needs the help of an expert for excellent and accurate results.