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Just like any other normal scan tool used for other Make of cars, the Alfa Romeo OBD reader is a device that comes as a stand or a hand held device which you can insert to a port beneath the dash board of your car to reinforce you in identifying the problems of your vehicle engine especially those associated with emissions. The Alfa Romeo OBD readers were created to fit in most of the cars that were manufactured from the year 1996 and beyond you can therefore try to imagine how difficult the process of diagnosing car problems was in the previous years before the emergence of this gadget. Through the standardization of the on board diagnostic system, the Alfa Romeo OBD reader has tremendously helped ease the issue of solving your engine related problems. One of the most recommended scanners you will find in the market is the MS309 maxi scan OBD protocol fault code reader that comes with CAN otherwise called the controller area network. This gadget is the perfect Alfa Romeo reader for your car given the fact that it even works with other major Car makes apart from the Alfa Romeo. The moment your ‘check engine’ light becomes a permanent thing on your dash board then it is time you made a wise choice and embraced the use of this gadget. The Alfa Romeo OBD reader, supports all OBD 2 protocols that also include the latest version known as the controller area network (CAN) protocol. This is a small gadget that you can easily carry in your pocket due to its high portability. This size though does not deter it from performing all the other functions that the large and expensive scanners can perform. If you are a professional technician, a DIY customer and above all a car owner this type of Alfa Romeo OBD reader is a must have for your smooth running. It is the perfect way to read your OBD diagnostic trouble codes from the on board computers as long as your car is of the year 1996 or a newer one for that matter. The Alfa Romeo OBD reader is a tool that is able to support multiple trouble code requests ranging from generic to pending codes. To some extend you will find it supporting the manufacturers’ specific codes. It is the best way to read and clear all diagnostic codes and turn them off. In this way, you will not need any extra batteries as you can successfully power it through your OBD cable that is provided when you purchase it.