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A jeep is a small, blocky, military style vehicle that is four wheeled and able to move on a rough terrain. OBD is On Board Diagnostics that is used in electronic monitoring of engine controls and other specific parts of the vehicle like the body and chassis. A jeep vehicle is therefore expected to have a Jeep OBD Reader. A factor that will be able to show you that your car has OBD Reader is a note on a sticker under the hood and reads OBD compliant. The connector must always be located within three feet of the driver. The OBD is also essential because it allows you to read the information from the car using a plug-in diagnostic tool that enables you to read fault codes or error codes. You therefore need to know what the codes mean depending with what is contained in the manufacturer’s manual. A jeep car is easier and cheaper to lift with the aftermarket suspension system. This is said to increase distance between axle and chassis of the vehicle. Increase in this distance enables you to install large tires that will be able to increase the ground clearance thus allowing it to traverse large and difficult obstacles. You can increase suspension articulation to give your jeep an improved off road capability. The vehicle is also able to fit in places that full size four wheel drives have difficulty in passing because of their narrow frames, break over and ample approach. There are three basic Jeep OBD Reader protocols that are in use and each with minor variations on communication pattern that is between the scanner tool and on-board diagnostic computer. In order to tell the type of protocol that a jeep uses you need to carefully check the connector socket. The Jeep OBD Reader helps in detecting and pinpointing the specific component that has a malfunction thus helping in saving time and cost as compared to going to a mechanic who will try to guess, assume and try to repair parts that may not even be having a problem. There is also the check engine light on your dashboard that emits different signals. There is the occasional flashes that show momentary malfunction. It will stay on if the problem is serious thus affecting the safety of the car. Constant flashes are a sign of a major problem which can cause serious damage if your car’s engine is not stopped as soon as possible. A freeze frame that reads all the sensors is recorded in the central computer of the vehicle.