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In the automotive context on board diagnostic OBD is mainly a generic term that refers to the reporting capability and the self diagnostic of a car. The OBD system is in charge of offering health information to your vehicle mechanic for the several vehicle sub systems. It also gives the vehicle owner access to crucial and detailed information about the car’s performance. The modern yet high technology Saab OBD reader implementations has enabled the use of standardized and fast digital communications ports to be able to offer myriad data. In addition it has also allowed the use of diagnostic trouble codes which allow the rapid identification and malfunctioning within your vehicle. On board diagnostic simply does the work of illuminating a malfunctioning indicator light just in case of any problem? Saab OBD reader would also offer information on the nature of the problem once detected. This one of a kind software gives you access to the numerous data from ECU and provides very vital yet valuable source of information when there are troubleshooting mishaps inside a car. SAE J1979 is a standard that defines methods used in requesting several diagnostic data as well as a list of the standard parameters that could otherwise be available from ECU. These parameters are usually addressed by parameter quotes and numbers (PIDs). PID request and basic process of data retrieval system provides access to the real time performance. It also gives access to flagged DTCs. Saab ODB reader is simply one gadget that you need to acquire to enable you detect the problems and solve mishaps affiliated to your vehicle. With this innovation, automobile manufacturers made it capable for you to have access to information that would help you maintain your vehicle to the best of the standards. The information retrieved from this device will help you undertake on time vehicle repairs to prevent further damage of the vehicle’s systems. It is a vital gadget when you are driving since it brings solutions to your vehicles’ problem. Saab ODB reader is a system that enables you maintain your vehicle. It will assist you in saving costs on repairs since you will be in a position to undertake some minor repairs without the assistance of a vehicle technician. This is a very important tool that you should actually adopt since it will assure you of your safety while driving on the roads and also assist you in curbing noise and air pollution usually emitted by your vehicle.