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Do you own a Daewoo and have you suffered an ugly situation where it hesitates to run when you switch on the engine and drop ‘dead’ on the road. You take it to you mechanical who spends a whole day or even a week ripping it apart only to find out it was a simple sparks plug malfunction or a valve defect? Well, of course your misery does not end there as you had to pay him dearly for the ‘surgery and analyses. Without taking away any integrity from the professionalism of your Daewoo technician you will agree that all this is absolutely uncalled for. It is not just complex but also time consuming for you and your car technician. The inconvenience is also felt elsewhere especially when such frequent visits to the repair garage threaten to run your pocket dry. You need a Daewoo ODB reader. With this self diagnosis tool you will kiss goodbye the inconveniencies brought about by the time wasted diagnosing the problem with your Daewoo. You also stand to benefit from low maintenance cost for your ride as you are always aware of the health status of your car. Plus you can do it your self while seated comfortably at the steering wheel. It can’t get better than this. Daewoo ODB reader has auto scan ability that helps you run a comprehensive scrutiny of your car spotting every defect or malfunction in your car sub-structure. The OBD is connected to the electronic control unit and provides you with diagnostic information that you can act on entirely on your own or with little touch here and there from a professional car technician. It is almost like a do-it-yourselfer car diagnosis. The Daewoo ODB reader has a connector mounted close to your Daewoo steering wheel and equipped with a diagnostic interface that carry out the on board diagnostic. The comprehensive details are displayed conveniently on the dashboard of your Daewoo. And it’s nothing like other malfunction detectors. This is evident in its ability to show you the exact nature of the problem. This was actually impossible with its predecessors that only read fault codes and likely malfunctions. The OBD interfaces help you in reading the malfunction trouble codes and identifying them. It’s conveniently designed with specific codes for each Daewoo model. The electronic control unit interprets the codes attaching meaningful and detailed description of the problem. These are then displayed on your Daewoo dashboard. That way, it’s very easy for you or your car technician to pick out the malfunctioning parts and fix them without ripping the car apart. After the repair or replacements of affected parts you can reconfigure or reset the programming units.