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With the growing technology, the engine’s technical problems can be handled very comfortably at much reduced costs. The Lotus OBD Reader allows you to detect your engine problem at much ease. You only need to plug it into a computer diagnostic port to clearly outline the problem. You can view the DTC’s and try to troubleshoot your problem. However, they are available in various design colors and shapes to suit your personal needs. For cute display of data, LCD Screen Readout completes this package. The screen resolution is perfect for clear and bright display of images and data. The response of the Lotus OBD Reader is amazing. Immediately a problem is detected, the warning signals are transmitted to power on the engine check light. The interpretation is very clear; the engine is experiencing some problems. With the timely response in place you can in fact prevent the engine damage and save on the extra costs of maintenance. The increasing complexity of modern cars has led to the development of classic and stylish devices that guarantees you satisfaction. This is the only way to upgrade your model and make it stand out among the flooded sea of automobiles. The unlimited storage for data logging with diagnostic software that can easily be updated via a web cable is an immense offer you cannot afford to ignore. The Lotus OBD Reader is just another cool product to give some tantalizing smiles of success in automobile industry. Simple and reliable are just but mere words to describe this device. Remote data acquisition and recording for a later playback tops the list of the reasons why you should embrace this new technology. In fact to spice it up, the OBD reader can plot input data in form of graphs for easier interpretation. It’s a product with a long service life and easily upgradeable to suit the changing technology. With all the high quality details outlined, the device is cost effective and it’s a great way to make savings. The Lotus OBD Reader is the only way to perfection. They are very flexible and at the same time powerful to adapt to any vintage model you have. The components compatibility is just another thing to give a try. You are assured of better service at fair prices. Shipping is even fast and inexpensive with a warranty that you have never had for years. So give the Lotus OBD Reader a try and you will have no regrets whatsoever.