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Lotus exige is a sport car, a roadster with mid-engine. The 2010 lotus exige is a rocket on the track as it combines mind-blowing speeds with superb handling dynamics. It is designed for daily use and you don’t have to worry since exige is suitable for such services. Lotus exige has the ability to dominate the race track and you can make your dream come true as you are assured of winning all races. If you value efficiency and purity, it is the best handling purest and most entertaining production sports car on the road. Drivers have proved that this car can blast across straight away and through turns like few other cars can. Lotus exige OBD reader is device equipped with technical capabilities which provides detailed information on the current health of your car. It has the ability to detect any malfunction giving technical details on the nature of problem. The reader is fitted with series of standardized diagnostic trouble codes which helps you or your technician to trouble shoot the malfunction. It is designed intelligently to allow ease access of the stored codes on your lotus exige computerized dashboard .they come with user manuals which are comprehensively detailed breaking down the codes into meaningful descriptions, in this way you are able to monitor the functioning and performance of your car comfortably