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The latest research has invented sophisticated technology that brings you very powerful diagnostics software known as Renault OBD reader. It is basically a communication gadget as well vehicle diagnostic software that will enable you monitors the general performance of your vehicle. Automotive industries have assembled this specific device to enable you detect any mishaps on your vehicle in order to fix them and prevent more damage. This diagnostic software will also help you undertake some simple tasks that may not really require a mechanic hence saving your money. You can also use it in other models of your vehicles as long as it is OBD compliant. This software is able to read fault codes on your vehicle as well as read ECU information that is stored in. It also helps in the removal of the of vehicle fault codes in that existing engine are basically cleared. The Renault OBD reader reads a variety of data that is censored by the engine. Data that is mostly censored include the speed of the vehicle as well as the engine, throttle position, oxygen sensor voltage and the engine airflow intake. You will be in a position to monitor the operation of the oxygen sensor on the engine. It will enable you read your car computer information such as the ultimate existence of the ECU 17 engine in the VIN of the vehicle. The software is able to calculate fuel consumption on average as well as the average travel speed. After traveling, you will be able to retrieve full information on the current trip without tampering with your vehicle. Renault OBD reader is indeed vital since it will enable you control emissions of systems failure. Installation of the on board diagnostic system is quite simple since it involves monitoring the oxygen sensor, gas supply system, engine control module and the EGR system. This unique software is designed with several international languages like English, German, Spanish and French to suit motorists from across the divide. The Renault OBD reader will send you alerts which will help you in the reflection of some of the problems on your vehicle and will act as a guide in the overall maintenance of your Renault. This is a device that is easy to use since all you do is plug in and communication begins. For efficiency and effectiveness of this software you need to use it safely and as per the instructions accorded.