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This diagnostic reader provides access to a number of Porsche control units for the maintenance and troubleshooting information. The Porsche ODB reader can actually activate drive links while capturing actual values. It has got user friendly descriptions that will enable you read the codes easily. You will notice that it clears warning indicators on most of the systems. It also resets the vehicle’s service reminder that can actually support them. You will find it easy to use this diagnostic tool since the kit comes with instructions that are easy to implement. Inside the kit you will find a software disk and interface cable that is loaded on the computer windows which are then connected between the car and computer. With Porsche ODB reader, you can use on your car model by restarting the program and the communication between the two will be of service to you. You are in a position to compare your Porsche’s history over time since an engine code is basically stored and documented in the data log. This particular reader is small but is able to retrieve so much information. It’s a software that largely supports multiple trouble codes. It is multilingual software that will give you instructions either in English, Spanish or even French. With this sophisticated Porsche ODB reader software you will be in a position to retrieve your vehicle identification number and also review the emission readiness status of the OBD monitors. The new technology has brought you these specific handy devices that will enable you monitor your vehicle in terms of the engine performance. The information retrieved will enable you get to know your vehicle and its parts. It will give you a chance to maintain your vehicle in a quality manner. They are software codes that do not require a battery since one plug in is sufficient enough to make it operational. It is a very powerful software code that will determine the status of the malfunction indicator lamp. You will save yourself the cost of buying batteries since it is powered by OBD cables. Since the Porsche ODB reader provides so much information, you will be in a position to get your vehicle to get your car instant repairs incase. It will enable you have ample time while driving as well as some piece of mind. With this device in your vehicle you will have access to information that will guide your mechanic in carrying out respective repairs.