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Pontiac ODB reader is a unique code reader that basically assesses the on board computer of a car and assists in the retrieval of engine and electronic transmission codes as well as ABS codes. It is connected to your automobile’s self test connector and shows any problems on your check engine light. It is features diagnostic trouble codes located on the dashboard. It is empowered to retrieve ECM and ABS computer codes on your vehicle. This powerful software code is able to give instructions in three major international languages that are French, Spanish English. You are assured that your model of vehicle’s computer system will not be tampered with. Pontiac OBD reader’s enables you prevent further damage to your engine, general car performance problems and poor gas mileage. Pontiac ODB reader is one of a kind software stores information that would otherwise be important for your future use. It is a code that will enable you save costs incurred during the wear and tear on your vehicle parts. It is mainly a software that will enable you enhance the performance of your engine ensuring its durability. With this one of a kind reader you are in a position to monitor the gas you are using. It will enable you know how much gas you use for any distance you are traveling and at the same time alert you in case of any leakages. Your engine will perform to the maximum and the fuel system will just be efficient throughout. Pontiac OBD reader will help you save costs that you are likely to incur during gas leakages or even engine breakdowns. By getting these alerts you will be able to set very high maintenance standards for your vehicle. It leaves your vehicle as powerful as ever, Very effective running of its respective parts and smooth running is always guaranteed. You will always enjoy driving your automobile with peace of mind and free from any mishaps that are bound to happen. Pontiac ODB reader, assembled with very sophisticated technology will assure you of your safety as well as that of your passengers. It will enable you have a high performance engine as well as sustain your vehicle’s efficiency. Your elegant car’s engine and other systems will function properly. It is quite effective and is a product that is a must have since its pros far outweigh its cons. It will make you want to take a ride on your vehicle any time without having to worry on any expenses or damages.