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The magic of the Jaguar can be seen in its beauty; it is effortless in style and performance with intelligent driving technology that delivers complete control. The name jaguar is a luxury car manufacturer that is from Britain being operated as part of the Jaguar land rover business. It was originally founded as Swallow Sidecar Company by Sir William Lyons in 1922 as motorcycle sidecars before being evolved to passenger cars. The name Jaguar came into operation after the World War 2. OBD Readers simply means On-Board Diagnostics and is an electronic device that you can plug in your computer in order to access technical information. Jaguar OBD readers are used in electronic monitoring of the engine controls and other specific parts of your jaguar like the body and chassis. All vehicles are therefore expected to have an OBD Reader. A factor that will be able to show you that your car has an OBD Reader is a note on a sticker under the hood and reads OBD compliant. The connector must always be located within three feet of the driver’s seat. The OBD is also essential because it allows you to read the information from the car using a plug-in diagnostic tool that enables you to read fault codes or error codes. You therefore need to know what the codes means depending with what is contained in the manufacturer’s manual. Jaguar OBD readers provide an inspection and diagnosis method that helps the car to reduce vehicle emitted pollution levels in the environment. OBD Protocols are basically three and are in use and each with minor variations of communication pattern that is between the scanner tool and on-board diagnostic computer. In order to tell the type of protocol that a jaguar uses you need to carefully check the connector socket. Therefore the command is set according to the SAE J1979 standard. The Jaguar OBD readers help in detecting and pinpointing the specific component that has a malfunction thus helping in saving time and cost as compared to going to a mechanic who will try to guess, assume and try to repair parts that may not even be having a problem. There is also the check engine light on your dashboard that emits different signals. There are the occasional flashes that show momentary malfunction. It will stay on if the problem is serious thus affecting the safety of the car. Constant flashes are a sign of a major problem which can cause serious damage if the engine is not stopped as soon as possible. A freeze frame that reads all the sensors is recorded in the central computer of the vehicle.