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With the advancement of technology, technical problems and details of vehicles can be approached in a diligent way. The same has been made much easier with the invention of an OBD code reader which when plugged into a computer diagnostic port; you can easily outline the technical problem of your engine. Amazingly the reader has the ability to allow you view the DTC’s for easier troubleshooting. Land Rover OBD Readers are available in various shapes and sizes to perfectly match your tastes. There are some which needs a laptop for cute display of information and easy procedural troubleshooting steps to be undertaken. However, others have a complete unit and their services are not all that bad. LCD screen readout is basically one of the features that are essential to complete this package. They are designed to strike a super balance of performance and value. They have the best resolution to display the beautiful high-definition picture and their response is interesting. Another crucial feature is the diagnostic trouble codes that you can use to easily identify vehicle problems. The codes vary depending with the manufacturer of the vehicle hence the importance of doing a thorough research before any repair is done on your vehicle. The generic DTC’s codes need to conform to those of your vehicle for maximum effects of the Land Rover OBD Readers. Simplicity is the word to describe this device. You can easily reset or clear the DTC’s codes after clearly diagnosing and fixing the problem. To reset the check engine, it’s simply disconnecting the battery and turning on the headlight light for some few minutes then reconnecting again. This is a bit tiresome considering the fact that technology has produced the best units at friendly prices. The recent unit provides options of clearing and resetting the codes without necessarily touching the battery. This is really a device direct from the heart of the manufacturer to spark some light to your ride. The Land Rovers OBD Readers are designed to assure some tantalizing smiles of success. Their compatibility with the recent import and domestic vehicles is just another reason to embrace this technology. The onboard computer enables you to clearly calculate, analyze and process the trouble codes comfortably. Unbelievably, the recent ones have a USB cable included to make it easier for you to update it online. This is automatically the best thing that has ever happened to you. The case which is perfectly blown molded prevents the device from damage and scratch making it remain new.