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You don’t have to wait until your ride breaks down on the road so that it embarrasses you as it is towed to the garage. You can simply diagnose that Citroen yourself with Citroen OBD reader and avoid the troubling experience before hand. This self diagnostic tool supports almost all the control modules for your Citroen giving you up to the minute status on the health of your car. The diagnostic interface is performed by the On Board Diagnostic connector mounted close to your steering wheel so that the details are conveniently displayed on your Citroen dashboard. You will definitely fall in love with these devices. Unlike other universal malfunction detectors and scanner tools that only read fault codes and tell of possible malfunction without showing the nature of the problem. The Citroen OBD reader support other convenient functions like multiplexing bus interfaces which help in reading the codes, identifying them and relaying them for display on your electronic computer controlled unit on your dashboard. It also supports storage of recorded fault codes with comprehensively detailed information and descriptions of the problem pending your actions. Talk also of the ability to copy the reports to clipboard or print them if it is more convenient to you or your Citroen technician. The reader is designed in such a way that you can clear the fault or malfunction trouble codes and other stored diagnostic information so that they do not pile up and unnecessarily occupies space on your hard disk. Citroen OBD reader user friendly programming functions allow you to reconfigure or reset the programming procedures of your Citroen especially the electronic control unit after the vehicle has undergone repair or part replacements. The hardware and software requirements for this diagnostic tool are conveniently designed to match your Windows operating system without having to add other features. All you need is to install the OBD software on your PC or computer and you are ready to go. Citroen OBD reader also has other convenient program features like auto scan which enables you to run a complete test of your Citroen detecting all necessary car subsystems connected to the electronic control unit and availing you with diagnostic information. If your Citroen is a bit old you have no cause for alarm as you will find cables for old Citroen vehicles that connect the diagnostic tool to your Citroen. You will get one specially made for your car model whether old or new.