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On-board diagnostics, which is why you call it an OBD Reader. This device monitors the controls of your vehicle’s engine and relays information immediately for you to take necessary action. Your Freightliner OBD Reader ones plugged into your computer’s OBD diagnostics port scans all technical information and relays this information to the system on your board. Once you access this information you are able to view any stored diagnostic troubles hence you are able to carry out troubleshooting procedures at the best time. Using this tool is a great way to be on top of your game as your freightliner has competitive advantage over other automobile hence increasing productivity and profits in your business not forgetting that it saves you a lot of time, effort and costs fixing your automobile. Computer’s technology introduction to the automotive industry has brought great change on vehicle servicing and diagnostic procedures and particularly, to your Freightliner. Your Freightliner-computer interfaces with the engine’s mechanical systems and monitors all vehicle functioning’s such as fuel and air emissions, vehicle speed, ignition, throttle position sensor and vehicle knock sensor to name but a few. Information on fuel injectors’ fuel trim, engine knock, engine coolant’s temperature, fuel tank pressure and any leak, the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust are relayed to the computer which then makes the necessary adjustments as appropriate. Can you imagine this information being relayed to your board while you are right behind the wheels? Thankfully you have your Freightliner OBD Reader in your hands and you just need to connect it to the computer and access all this information. Actually, this is very interesting. With this portable device, you have your Freightliner’s engine in your hands and under your full control not forgetting also that the Freightliner OBD Reader has great interfacing with the computer thus making it user friendly. You don’t need to consult your mechanic every time for diagnostics as you can save costs even on minor repairs which would have otherwise forced you to dig deeper into your pocket, thanks to this important and cost saving tool. When your Freightliner gives you a signal for vehicle servicing, this device helps you scan your computer and find out what the problem is, thus giving you the option of carrying out a maintenance appraisal. You can as well adjust the device incase you notice that the correct mileage has yet to be attained to raise the alarm for servicing. There is no excuse why you do not have a great partner on the road. This device processes information in real-time basis meaning that you are updated at the fraction of a minute even on the real-time engine processes like vehicle speed and fuel injection. The Freightliner OBD Reader is definitely what you need.