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A computerized engine for your Fiat is a better companion for monitoring your Fiat’s engine and making necessary adjustments to ensure your vehicle is running and performing desirably but the Fiat OBD Reader is the best thing that has ever happened to you. It is an interface between you and your computer as it connects you directly with your Fiat-computer which has access to all the running systems of the engine hence you are just simply connected to your vehicle in the long run. The tool uses digital technology to download information from the system in your Fiat and relay that information in real-time basis thus updating you with the engine’s functionalities within a few seconds hence alerting you to service your vehicle if need be. You immediately take your Fiat to a car care shop when it gives you a servicing signal to find out what this is all about and the mechanic suddenly downloads the information into his computer and performs some diagnostics then explains to you in some automotive language the problem with your Fiat. This is exactly what the Fiat OBD Reader does and, even if you might need to repair your Fiat in the long run, you may as well need to know what has happened before you take it to the mechanic. You just have to connect it to your Fiat-computer and it scans and relays all information on your system on the board. You then scroll your system and find out what is happening and make the right decision at the right time. That’s how simple it is with this portable device in your hands. From your car service station you’ll definitely get the device which is compatible to your Fiat. It processes information in real-time basis meaning that it relays real-time engine operations such as engine coolant’s temperature, oxygen sensor readings, fuel tank pressure and leaks if any, fuel trim and all running systems in the engine, as fast as required so that you are updated with all information within seconds. It has a memory large enough to save information such that if you unplug it from the Fiat-computer, you still have access to the information saved in its storage. All operating systems in your Fiat have codes assigned to each and the Fiat OBD Reader displays these codes in descriptive form hence you don’t need to keep referring in your code book. The Fiat OBD Reader also comes in handy incase you are purchasing a second hand Fiat vehicle for, as you may have discovered used vehicles usually have some mechanical and electrical problems. With this tool in hand, you can scan the vehicle to detect any faults. Ask yourself why you don’t have this device!