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Well they say there is no such a powerful tool as the informed mind. Information gives you power for upward mobility and success and that is exactly what the Cadillac OBD Reader is to you, your car technician and other mechanically challenged Cadillac owners. With this technology device you don’t have to have attended mechanical training institution or apprenticeship or read volumes of automobile repair literature to diagnose your Cadillac. You will have sensational ability that equips you with technical ability to diagnose the problems with your car. The Cadillac OBD Reader is able to sense the malfunctioning parts or problematic subsystems with your car keeping you in tandem with the health of your ride. Once a problem has been identified the OBD reader sends a trouble code to your Cadillac’s computer which set off the nature of the problem appearing on your dashboard. The Cadillac OBD Readers unlike the predecessor malfunction detectors give you the exact nature of the problem. For instance, it does not just detect and send an ambiguous warning or distress, it sends you specific details or information like ‘check engine oil’ or ‘car re-servicing needed’ and so on. You or your car technician then have a very easy time identifying and correcting the problem or malfunction by accessing the codes which are stored on the computer. The codes are an absolute cinch to interpret since the OBD has a special or unique code for every diagnosed malfunction. Your Cadillac self diagnostic tool is equipped with technical capabilities to provide you with reports or diagnostic information about the current health or status of your Cadillac. If you happen to own the Cadillac model that came around after the year 1996 or newer then you will thrive in the fact that you can use the OBD II which can be very useful in aiding you with the technical ability to troubleshoot your Cadillac. The Cadillac OBD Reader is superbly and intelligently designed to allow you ease of access to the stored codes on your Cadillac’s computerized dashboard. Those with earlier models have no need to worry as other devices like the OBD I reader will comfortably do the job for you. Some have scanners and connecting cables that can help you in plugging the OBD device on your laptop so that you can view the stored diagnostic trouble codes as conveniently as possible. Others are just handheld but they will do the same job for you.