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Did you know that the 2010 Cadillac STS is ranked as one of the best Luxury Large Cars by US News and World Report? Well that is just a tip of the icing on the cake compared to its bold look, handling magnetic control and athletic poise that defies the stereotype of its huge Caddy size. Six speed transmissions with a driver shift control and performance shifting algorithms is what characterizes this Series Touring Sedan. It is your fill size executive car or luxurious sport sedan that you love to bits. Small wonder you will only feel at ease when you know it is safe. A car alarm system assures you this safety and more. The Cadillac STS uses OBD I reader which is very much advanced in automotive engineering and diagnosing capabilities. It allows you as the user of this car to read out the faulty codes. The codes for instance that a sensor data has checked the engine and reads 15, indicates a bad distance –speed sensor. The device operates normally on a 24hr mode mechanism due to its fast and most reliable capability. Whenever the check engine lights come on, a diagnostic trouble code fault is recorded in the power train control module and sent instantly to the LCD screen for your visualization.