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Having landed your hands on the Cadillac XLR, there is no doubt that your dream of maximum comfort vehicle has indeed come true. With the unique and profound features, that this road star has together with the profound luxury makes you to feel the value for your money. It has a spectacular retractable top that in a kind of automatic opens and closes within seconds. Having been designed with 4565cc capacity V8 engine that produces a 320 horsepower at 6400 rpm with a 310.1 ft-lb torque at 4000 rpm makes it to have maximum speed of over 150 mph. It has an automatic five-speed transmission. Life is smooth with owning an asset like your Cadillac XLR that at all time does not fail you. Looking at the aspect of what makes a vehicle including your Cadillac XLR brake down in an abrupt manner may not be even a serious problem to take to your mechanic who at the same time overcharges you. Ending all this hustles is the inventions of the OBD code reader that at all time incase of a default you are notified. This is done in a quick and concise way by the help of the ECU, which enables the part with the default to be denoted and the code send to the LCD screen.