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The General motors, American motor vehicle manufacturing company having brought you the Cadillac SRX that is a medium sized crossover sport utility vehicle, had the concept of giving you a vehicle that could meet all your comfort needs. It is a five-door body styled SUV with a layout of both a front and all wheel drive together with a front engine mounted on the GM theta premium platform. The three-liter and V6engine that produces a six automatic transmission enhances the movement of this SUV on the road. With the option of using gas engine failures, the possibilities this car can do are exceptional. Your Cadillac SXR gives you more joy when it moves with no breakdown at any time. You have a peace of mind when you are sure of its proper condition. The OBD code reader is an electronic device that works to always alert you whenever something is wrong with the operational system of your Cadillac SXR. With newly technological model of your Cadillac SXR, all the parts from the engine, the gearbox, the anti-lock brake system and the other parts have all been coded. Its then from this codes that the OBD code reader incase of a default reads the code and sends it to your LCD screen for further diagnostics by the scanner.