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Citroen C1 OBD Reader is an innovative device that is designed to help car owners avoid waiting until their ride has broken down. This is because it lets you diagnose Citroen and avoid any troubling experience before it happen. It is designed in a way that lets it diagnose almost any kind of control module for the Citroen ensuring that you have comprehensive and detailed information regarding the status of your car. Our Citroen C1 OBD reader comes with a diagnostic interface that is performed by the device connector that is mounted just adjacent to the steering wheel. This ensures that all details are displayed conveniently on the Citroen dashboard. Citroen C1 OBD Reader is clearly the most innovative device for car owners in the market today. This is because it has been designed in a way that let if support multiplexing and convenient functions that make it easy for you to read codes with ease. As such, you are able to identify the codes and the problem of your car from the computer as displayed on the dashboard. This innovative device also store detailed and comprehensive descriptive information regarding fault codes as it awaits your actions. The Citroen C1OBD Reader that we present to you has been designed in a way that makes it friendly to the user. It comes with programming functions that lets you reset or even reconfigure the procedures used in the Citroen. This is very important especially after your car has had a repair or replacement of some parts. Its software and hardware requirements have been designed in a convenient manner to ensure that they match the operating system of your Windows. As such, you do not need to add more features. All you have to do is just purchase this device from us and install OBD software on your computer. Buy Citroen C1 OBD Reader from us today to get discounts on your device, and better comprehensive diagnostic information of your car.