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The Jaguar XJ6 is one of the luxury saloon cars available in the market. Perhaps what will make your ecstasy soar about this car is the much improved interior that includes power assisted steering and leather seats that are meant to give you nothing but sheer comfort during your journey. Another factor is the inclusion of a good air conditioning system. As time went by, the evolution of this car changed to make it a more comfortable car. This included a much simplified grille and a much more spacious cabin that gives you more legroom especially in the rear of the car. On the other hand the OBD stands for on board diagnostics with the latest technology giving you the OBD II that operates mostly on the 1996 vehicles and beyond. With the ability to read the entire information from the vehicle, the Jaguar XJ6 OBD Reader performs the role of monitoring almost all engine controls and to some extend it goes as far as some other parts outside the engine such as the chassis and general body. In general, the most crucial and vital part to you as a driver is the ability of the OBD reader to read the information from your vehicle.