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Pontiac pursuit is a small luxury car you will comes across in the streets .its available in both two-door coupe and four door sedans. The car is in the class of compact cars having all the accessories inside and all the safety gadgets out in the right place. The car gets its power from a 2.4-liter v8 engine generating high horsepower; the power is being transmitted to the wheels via three-speed manual or four-speed automatic. The car is also available in two wheel drive or four-wheel drive. It is a high performer car and will never disappoint you while on the roads. The OBD system in Pontiac Pursuit is an electronic device installed in the car to assist the owner of the car determine and know the problems his or her car is having without taking it to the garage to be checked. The device helps the driver to save in terms of money and time wasted going to a mechanic to have his car checked of any malfunction. It checks the engine through out and other parts of the car and if the engine has a problem it will tell you to check it and rectify the possible problem and if you have to re-service the car it will also informs you.