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Scandinavian car manufacturers having produced lots of what many may think are a like in models, has got each vehicle with its unique features. Your Saab 9-5 sedan has a unique and different body style that is big from all the others in the family. It has both a six-speed manual and automatic transmission that you can use either at your choice. This model has a two liter turbocharged diesel engine that generates a160 horsepower. For your convenience while riding, the entire wheelbase has been increased by over ten centimeters to make bigger and more stable for your safety on the road. Among the troubles that you encounter with your Saab 9-5 model car is the hard start or simply the vehicle failing to start in the appropriate way. With such a default you actually are at a crossroad since you do not know where the problem is arising from. The option is to take your vehicle to the mechanic who in one way or another is in the same like you. What your mechanic does is to test each and every part in order to locate the part with the default. The OBD code reader saves you all this hustles by informing in an instant way the part of your vehicle with the default.