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If you do not wish to be left out of impending future world class vehicles that are emerging you should think in the line of the Mercedes Benz S-class. It is a car that will satisfy the burning desire you have been having to stand unique and noticed in the traffic jam. This powerful machine is not only luxurious but also elegant and can see you carry up to seven friends or family members on board without compromising the stability and comfort. The interior of the car has been updated with a much spacious cabin that offers bigger legroom. The leather seats have also been included to not only give you comfort but also enhance the fanciful ambience. Moving on, you have to use the Mercedes Benz S class OBD reader to repair your car engine problems accurately. The reader is fitted with series of standardized diagnostic trouble codes which enable you or your repair technician to trouble shoot the malfunctioning parts of your car. The fast digital communication ability provides you with real-time heath information about the status of your Mercedes so that you can easily fix it yourself. Alternatively, if you opt to take the ailing Mercedes to your mechanic you will be saving yourself a lot of time that could have been wasted diagnosing what might be wrong with it since the OBD Reader already has your back.