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If you take a good look at the Mercedes Benz SLR you will concur that it must have emerged from excellent automotive design skills. It gives you nothing but sheer and ultimate performance on the road. The car has front spoiler included to enhance its stability when you cruise at a very high speed. Lest you forget, there is additional air vents in the wings and the exhaust pipe are nothing but sporty. All this amazing features add a lot of fancy and in the long run improve the general appearance of the car. There is a good tail end and dihedral doors which are features that distinct it from the rest of the other models. Most of the features and functions of OBD readers largely depend on the make band model of your car. However the Mercedes Benz SLR OBD Reader Is not different from other scanners from the other various makes of the world leading car. It actually shares the main features like having the LCD screen readouts. The ability of it to read and interpret all the diagnostic trouble codes makes it the ideal way to diagnose your car before you take it to the mechanic so that you are sure exactly what your car is going to be repaired for. With the snap shot data that this OBD reader is able to provide to you, you will be in a position to know when that specific code was actually triggered.