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Having been produced in the year 1997, Mercedes Benz ML is a sports utility car that has been changing tremendously in order to become a better car to date. With a wheel base of about 2819mm, the car uses a strong five speed automatic transmission. This car moreover has been redesigned and revised in order to serve you better and catch up with the latest technology. In 2005, it was redesigned to use a seven speed automatic transmission and given a sportier look. It also emerged 150 mm longer than the initial one in order to give you more legroom and a spacious cabin. It is also vital to take a look at the OBD scanner tool of this car. As a Mercedes Benz ML OBD reader, it supports all OBD 2 protocols that also include the latest version known as the controller area network (CAN) protocol. This is a small gadget that you can easily carry in your pocket due to its high portability. This size though does not deter it from performing all the other functions that the large and expensive scanners can perform. If you are a professional technician, a DIY customer and above all a car owner this type of OBD reader is a must have for your smooth running. It is the perfect way to read your OBD diagnostic trouble codes from the on board computers as long as your car is of the year 1996 or a newer one for that matter.