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Gransport was produced with the intention to satisfy maserati sporting values at the highest level and terms of performance, usability and overall gransport is conceived of coupe’s 4.2litre engine tuned to produce 400hp, maximum power delivery has been increased with intention to reduce internal friction. You will notice it is fitted with cambiocasa six-speed electro-hydraulic transmission which offers quicker gear changes and boasted automatic rev-matching which makes changing down gear even faster. With all this improvements the car can sprint over a kilometer from standstill in an eye watering 23seconds flat. The improved front –wheel grip and precion gives the car exceptional balanced dynamic qualities. OBD reader in a maceration gransport is a device which is computerized enabling you to perform self diagnosis for your car.Maserati gransport comes with standardized and unique code readers having indexes which helps you or your mechanic which each code means and therefore having the ability to identify any malfunction or any problem your car could be having giving you the nature of the problem, maserati gransport OBD reader gives you an easier time to monitor the function and performance of the engine and other parts of the car. Self diagnosis gives you the ability to know the health status of your car and avoiding an necessary breakdowns.