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Maserati granturismo is designed by pininfarin features fluid lines that direct the eyes from the stunning front to the sweeping rear. The car combines captivity design and prestigious materials with the luxury that only space and light can provide. The car has the best handling balance having the great stance too wide for its length, it has switchable suspension settings,. Power is transmitted to the wheels via six-speed automatic and a manual shifters for the manual control mode its fitted with automatic gearbox and equipped with an adaptive control system adjusting gear shifting mode to driving style and conditions. Maserati granturismo OBD reader is an electronic device which gives technical information on the current status of your car when plugged into a computer diagnostic port. When you troubleshoot the malfunctioning or problems of your car this reader easily allows you to view most of the diagnostic trouble codes .this self test will save you time and money of going to a mechanic to know the health status of your car. with the ability to read all the information of your car it also have the ability to monitor all engine controls and even go further to some other parts. The reader has a screen mounted on the dashboard to facilitate viewing of the diagnostic trouble codes. It also has the ability to reset and clear the codes and can possibly tells you what was going on the time the code was triggered by simply getting the snapshot data.