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When the Chrysler conquest was introduced, the Chrysler Corporation was working hard to produce its own sports coupe. The car was 2-door sedan with four-seat hatchback. in addition, was manufactured in 1983 was made as an attraction to buyers who were comparing it with the Supra RX7 or the Supra 280ZX. It is a sporty car, which is designed with an upper grade interior. It also has an electronically controlled automatic and thermostatic climate control. These features placed the car among other modern cars that were in that era. The car has the old versioned rear drive with a base engine that was made from Japan been of 2 liters while those that were made from America having 2.6 liter. Chrysler Conquest has its OBDII system incorporated in the cars power train computer and that is designed to assist in reduction and prevention of pollution. The system records every component and system that may cause emission of pollutants when the car is on motion. The system has malfunction indicator light (MIL) which alerts the driver when the car has some mechanical problem and storing fault code information where the mechanic can read the recorded codes. Each code means a different problem that the car is experiencing and thus, the mechanic is required to know what every code means. The MIL only shows its indicators when some problem has not been able to be noticed for a three successive driving cycle.