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This model was manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation with the aim of creating a sporty car that was made to expand the company’s upscale lineup. The car was produced in 1984 to 1986 and was a virtual clone of the dodge Daytona that came as an upscale trim version. It was made to replace the Chrysler Conquest that was competing with the Toyota Celica Supra. In 1986, production of this car was ended, and was revived back in 1989 to 1990 model year. The Chrysler Laser was rebranded Plymouth Laser and was built by the Diamond Star Motors and the Mitsubishi. Chrysler Laser vehicles use the forth generation of the electronic engine control system called EEC-IV. This is because an OBD-II scanner cannot be used in this car. However, there are code readers you can use for these EEC-IV vehicles that may be attached to the battery. There is the six-sided hood, which is called the self test outlet, or smaller six-sided slot also known as self test input and you need to connect both of this to the code reader. You may be required to connect your code reader to the battery if it has a lead that uses power.