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This car was manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation in 1930s and was made to compete with other luxury cars like the Lincoln and the Packard. In 1920s, the Chrysler Lebaron that was founded in Bridgeport and provided bodies for luxury cars. The Chrysler’s luxury imperial line, Duisenberg and Cadillac are among companies that were supplied with the Lebaron luxury bodies. It was marked as the top of the line in the imperial models during 1957 to 1975 model years. Later, the car was re-introduced in 1977 as the lowest priced model of the Chrysler. The car holds the title of the longest running nameplate in the Chryslers history. Depending on your vehicle mileage coverage, the new Chrysler Lebaron OBD code reader is a great and perfect tool to use for diagnosing some of the key problems that may come up in your car system. It has a scan tool with OBD-II that is inserted in the car’s DLC port as you turn the car’s engine on. There are the manual scanners that may require you to turn on the scanner and direct it by pressing the scan icon. You need also to check your scanners user manual for the codes that appear on the readout. This car has particular codes that may appear regularly when there is a major problem and you have to know them or even look for them online.