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It is an automobile that was manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation in the years of 1939 to 1996. The Chrysler New Yorker is the car that held the brand name with its first model that was the New York special been produced in the 1930’s and introduced as a distinct sub-series of the 1938 Chrysler imperial. This model was popular enough to hold its own series up to 1939 where another Chrysler Saratoga model was made using the Chrysler New York’s platform. It was a two-door sedan and was expanded with two more coupe designs. The car has been the longest running American nameplate until 1996, which was its last year of production. Chrysler New Yorker has some indicator lights that were designed in the car and which signaled the driver when the car had some mechanical problem. With advancement of the technology, an OBD reader from the California Air Resource Board was produced and that was used to the Chrysler vehicles that were produced before 1996. It is a system that could record every problem that the car had in form of codes. You were therefore required to get the codes to a technician who could tell the problem that your car had. With this system, it would be advisable that you check the engine of the car rather than the vehicle model