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The Chrysler 300 is powered by a V6 engine that pushes out approximately 292 horsepower and an adorable highway mileage. An optional Hemi is known to churn out 363 horsepower although its gas mileage is a bit higher. It has heated leather front seats and its interiors look marvelous. Its floor-carpeted, has powered sliding widows and a backup camera. Its rides on 18-inch chrome wheels and its exteriors are well displayed by the smooth finish. The bright door handles and fog lamps make it an outclassed model. Big alterations to enhance beauty have also been considered and additional accessories to move the car to the next level of custom style, yielding a big time impression is more satisfying Having a good scanner that can adequately diagnose engine problems is equally vital. The Chrysler 300 OBD Reader effectively checks these problems and relays the warnings via check lights on the dashboard. It comprehensively analyzes on-screen definitions of both generic and manufacturer’s specific codes for all supportive vehicles. It’s a litmus test for proper and effective combustion, speed and the number of revolutions per minute your car attains to churn sufficient horsepower and torque. A supportive software that adapts to it can be used to download latest codes online while screen readouts guarantees better display of codes. It’s a reader direct from heart of manufacturer.