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The redesigned Chrysler Aspen is powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine that pushes out 335 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque. Coupled to 5-speed automatic transmission system, it has a marvelous traction control system and an anti-skid system. However it still has its options like the power lift gate and a rear camera for reversing. The DVD entertainment system and a navigation radio options gears your level of enthusiasm to the next level. The committed designers have made a big difference in this model by crafting a chrome grille. The 20-inch wheels and a slanting hood make it stand out. The Chrysler Aspen OBD reader, it supports all OBD 2 protocols that also include the latest version known as the controller area network (CAN) protocol. Its high portability allows you to carry it everywhere but you should not undermine its capability because of its small size. It’s very sensitive and can detect even the slightest problems. It’s a great way to save because minor problems are rectified before they explode and become non repairable. For a smooth and breathtaking ride, it’s a must have device because you can troubleshoot the problem by yourself without necessarily having to consult an expert.