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The car was introduced in 1926 with all of its models named under Chrysler up to 1954 and again from 1990 to 1993. It is a product of the Chrysler Corporation, which the company had designed as a luxury car to be a competitor of the Cadillac and Lincoln. Its engine is large compared to the company’s other models. The Chrysler Imperial set a transcontinental speed record in the year it was introduced and this made it to be selected as the pace car during that years Indianapolis race. In 1931, the car was redesigned and a new engine was allocated. In 1934 to 1936, a wind tunnel was incorporated in the car making it the first car to have a wind tunnel. This was also the highest priced quality model from the Chrysler. The Chrysler Imperial has its OBD-II system in the power train computer. The system is designed to help in pollution reduction and prevention. This system puts into record every little component that may cause emissions of pollutants when your car is driven. The system also has some malfunction indicator lights (MIL) that are used to alert the driver when the car gets some mechanical problem. It also has storing fault code information that records the codes which symbolizes the problems, which your car is experiencing. The MIL only shows its indicators when some problem has not been able to be noticed for a three successive driving cycle.