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The Chrysler PT cruiser is one of the cars that have helped the Chrysler make maintain their popularity in the automobile market that keeps getting stiffer competition. Even though it enjoys tremendous sales in the homeland of the United States this car has also penetrated the Europe and, Mexico markets and it is definitely on the cusp to greatness. This Chrysler model is nominally a powerful car owing to the strong engine put in it. One of the amazing features of the Chrysler PT you will not hesitate to praise is the cool interior that has been finished with superb leather to give an ambient appearance. Far from that the space in th4e front is big and very accommodating. Being comfortable is the best of all wishes that you want at whatever cost to make it come true. Your Chrysler PT cruiser has now with no reason of uncomforting you with its regular defaults of not knowing where exactly the default is. The OBD code reader has been invented to ensure your comfort ability by instantly detecting any fault with your cars operational system and sending it to you. The default part is sent in form of a code on your LCD screen of which after you can read and remedy the malfunction.