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A 2.0-liter engine lies under the hood of the Chrysler Breeze churning out 132 horsepower. Adequate acceleration from 0-60mph in less than 12 seconds is achievable. It has an excellent fuel economy with minimal engine noise. It has a class-leading interior room with powered leather seats and carpeted floor striking a perfect balance of value and aesthetic appeal. Surprisingly it has a very wide foot corridor to accommodate even the longest legs while the swinging doors alleviate any strain when accessing it. It’s very spacious to accommodate enough passengers while its exteriors speak volumes. It’s a great model from the heart of manufacturer. You have heard of OBD readers. It stands for On Board Diagnostics, and includes all devices used to diagnose engine problems as well as monitor the chassis, speed and improve performance. It’s available in different styles, shapes and sizes but their functions remain the same. The Chrysler Breeze OBD Reader performs the role of monitoring almost all engine controls. It’s capable of detecting the extent of combustion through the oxygen sensor thereby preventing the catalytic converter from being damaged. With this reader in place, you can greatly save time and money because the problem is identified and is not used as a test sample by the mechanics.