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The Chrysler voyager is a magnificent car that has served as a long term opposition doyen to other best selling cars such as the BMW and Volkswagen. Despite the fact that it is made in the United States, this minivan has seen its popularity grow by lips and bounds in Europe and Mexico. The headlights and tail lights of this car together with the grille are superb to make the car have an edge over the others. The other amazing feature of the Chrysler voyager is the available manual transmission and a foot operated emergency brake system. With all this marvelous and distinct features, the Chrysler voyager's posterity is promising making it the pillar of all the models of Chrysler cars. During the manufacture of the Chrysler voyager, it was at that time fit with an electric control unit that helps the OBD code reader in its working. The Chrysler voyager OBD readers gives all the faulty codes and displays the stored and other pending codes with a clear description such as too low or rail pressure. It also supports the printing of the faulty codes meaning, all the codes are securely stored. They also do auto scanning of all the electronic control units which are installed in your car; they read the diagnosed codes and display a live data which is measured at a certain value.