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In late 1960s Buick GS 350 considered to be a muscle car, it is a sports car with two door hardtop as the name suggest, GS standing for grand sport and 350 represent the size of the engine. The v8 engine transmits a horse power of 280 and 375 feet of torque, 3.8 inches of bore and stroke a combination of the size of piston distanced traveled. The four barrel carburetor increased the cars power. The car has synchronized 3-speed manual gears with the shifter on the floor, also with hydraulic self adjusting brakes. Buick GS350 OBD reader is a computerized tool which allows you to perform some self diagnosis on your car to determine any malfunction or problem in the car; it is capable to monitor your car engine controls and other body parts of the car. it will tell you when to check the engine and when the car needs be reserviced thus providing the absolute care the car needs. Your car will not need to speed to the garage for a mechanic to find out what or where the problem is and in this way you will be saving the extra coin in the pocket since you have to do it by yourself