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Buick grand national was originally produced in 1980s intended for racing purposes, you will find that the car has gone through some changes such as the color being changed to black from initial charcoal grey, 3.8-litre, v6 engine measuring 231 cubic which became standard, sequential fuel injection creating 275 horsepower and 488nm of torque, and distributor less ignition. It has automatic suspension with 3 gears, a power steering controlled by circulating the ball system. The car has a wonderful performance and a speed of muscle car with ability of achieving a top speed of 124 miles per hour. Buick Grand National OBD reader is a device which is computerized enabling you to perform self diagnosis for your car. it comes with standardized and unique code readers having indexes which helps you know what each code means and therefore having the ability to identify any malfunction or any problem your car could be having giving you the nature of the problem, gives you an easier time to monitor the function and performance of the engine and other parts of the car. Self diagnosis gives you the ability to know the health status of your car and avoiding an necessary breakdowns.